About JK&O

We don’t work for anyone. We work WITH our clients. We are partners in your business, and are committed to your growth because when you’re happy, we’re happy and our doors stay open
Kenneth Odum
Chief Consultant

We are a marketing communications advisory firm. We provide and implement realistic marketing strategies for the profitability of your business and its sustainable growth.

What stands us apart?

A practical approach to briefs

JK&O was set up to offer practical effective and efficient solutions for the growth of our clients’ businesses.

Our consulting services cut across marketing solutions to business ideas that will ignite positive results at the lowest costs possible.

As an additional step to ensure efficiency, we ensure optimum result on recommended strategy and budget. With us, every dollar count. You get the exact solutions your business needs.

Nothing less

A customer oriented service

When you have sleepless nights over your business, we will be up too. And even when you sleep, we’re awake because we keep your marketing objectives close to heart and work hip to thigh with you to see them achieved.

We keep track of the implementation of any marketing solution, ready to tweak as fast as possible, to ensure it delivers as planned.

What We Do

Brand Communications

Be seen, be heard and let your message evoke action everywhere.

New Product Launch

With us, you’d surely win in the most populous black country.

Research and Strategy Development

Don’t take a knife to a gunfight. Be properly prepared.

Publicity and Media Relations

They say ‘a good name is better than wealth’. How about a good brand name that brings you wealth?

Media Placements

Incredible messaging without a powerful platform equals wasted time and resources!

Brand Experience Design

We take your brand beyond merely being seen and heard to being felt, loved and trusted everywhere people live.

Events and Activations

There’s nothing quite like one-on-one interactions with your consumers right where they are.

Let us help you achieve your goals.