About Us

We are a marketing communications advisory firm.

We provide and implement realistic marketing strategies for the profitability and sustainable growth of our clients’ businesses.

The most important thing to us is creating impactful solutions for brands.

We are big on results, and we provide the best costings.

We work WITH our clients. We are partners in your business, and are committed to your growth because when you’re happy, we’re happy and our doors stay open.

Our Values

We want the best for our clients, so we are always broadening our competence.
We are invested in meeting our clients’ needs. We take your business as ours.
We always step up to the tasks and we take responsibility for our projects
We are excited and enthusiastic about the work we do for our clients
How Our Approach Differs from Typical Agencies

  • Long term thinking and strategy
  • Partner for growth
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Proactive
  • Strong Research and deep brand understanding
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Typical Agency
  • What is today's brief
  • Supplier Posture
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Reactive
  • Depends on general results from agencies


A breakdown of our services

  • Strategy

    Sometimes the answers we seek are beyond the surfaces we see, and without the proper fact-finding research, we’re just reaching in the dark. Would you like to know who your consumers are, what they care about and where to find them? To answer these questions, we deploy tools that unearth insights to shape and color your brand’s unique solutions. We have put structures in place to design the emotional USP of your product, identify gaps in the market and consumer space, and leverage them for the benefit of your product or service.

  • Creative Development

    We create impactful advertising and designs to communicate your benefits and unique offerings to the right target market. We will communicate your brand promise across relevant channels in a way that will evoke the right response from your customers. Our creative materials will be designed to stand out and connect to the intended audience.

  • Media and Publicity

    What good is a brilliant advertising if it is not on the platforms where the intended target will be? Our media planning platform helps identify, advise and lock down effective spots across Newspapers, Radio, Television, and outdoor (Electronic and Static Billboards) channels to put your brand message on. With us you will get the right publicity and media coverage that your business needs at low cost. Our network and reach ensures that the right media platforms tell your story. We also leverage our network to get discounts on the spots we buy on your behalf. .

  • Brand Experience

    Brand promises are communicated through advertising, but that is not the only way consumers interact with your brand. By maintaining your presence across every point of interaction, at no point do your customers feel neglected or wonder what you’re up to. With JK&O, your brand promise can come alive in the places and manner that it should. We will design the experience your customers get at your touchpoints to be a true reflection of your brand promise

  • Activations

    From road shows, to mobile activations, exhibitions, product launch event, concerts, across Nigeria, we have you covered. Our expertise ensures that your brand is able to reach consumers in the different nooks and crannies they function in. We also create and design concepts for these events and activations

The Core Roles

That Lead to Our Central Vision

This is the knowledge and insights hub of our firm. We are expert in using research and tools to arrive at solutions that ignite the best possible impact for brands and clients’ businesses.
Creative Lab
Our creative Lab operates as solutions provider beyond your traditional advertising graphics and copy. They are responsible for conceptualizing real ideas to solve tough problems. From product development and design, to live app solutions, outdoor installations, programme design, etc.
Brand/Business Management
A set of brand experts who are known to plan and drive complex campaigns from planning to impact. They are experts at all components of marketing communications and are strategic about how they plan each component to achieve clients’ objectives.

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