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Email marketing is a constantly developing aspect of digital marketing. Just when you think you’ve gotten a hang of it and are good to go, something changes; almost as if it’s telling you ‘’you can’t know it all’’. 

You really can’t monitor the trends but when it comes to what works for most people on a large scale, some things remain constant and you’ll do yourself a favour by monitoring and knowing them. So, what are these? Let’s get started…

Five Facts on Email Marketing

ROI Rate: if you’re looking for an aspect of online marketing with a high ROI rate, it’s email. For every $1 dollar you spend, it gives you an ROI of $32 dollar. Yes, you read right! Bet you didn’t know! What’s more, it drives about 80% customer acquisition and retention as conversion rates for emails are higher than that of social media and search engine. Read more here.

Mobile devices: call it ‘’mobile email marketing’’ if you please, but its no longer news that most people check their emails on their mobile devices on the go these days than ever before. When sending out emails, ensure that your emails are optimized for mobile devices as well, that way, you’ll get the most out of them. This cannot be overemphasized.

The ‘’Gen Z’’ factor: if you think you’ve seen it all with the millennials and Gen X, then you are in for a shocker! A new generation is coming up and they are expected to be more inclined with the internet and the digital age, they are the ‘’Gen Z’’ and brands are counting on them big time!

The Gen Z is not likely to use email for work as they are not of age yet, they use emails nonetheless. They have email habits as they are internet savvy and they just might be your target audience. Fine-tune your emails to suit them, include coupons, bonuses, etc and you just might be smiling to the bank every day.

The ‘’Sex’’ Factor: oh c’mon, it’s not what you think! The female sex pays more attention to emails than their male counterpart. As a matter of fact, women spend about 7min more time on a monthly basis checking their emails, unlike the men. Now arent women meticulous!

Communication: There is nothing spammy about emails you send to consumers as long as you do it well. The consumer actually wants to hear from you or your brand, they want a trusted communication channel to be able to relate with you and email is that channel.

Consumers want to know about your promotions, new brand, an improvement on an existing brand, etc. there is this sense of belonging that sets in when consumers get personalized emails, so go ahead and send out that email.

Do not be deceived, email matters. Email marketing entails so much more these days than just merely sending messages out electronically: it entails you engaging, informing and retaining customers both old and new.

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